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[MATLAB:An.Introduction.with.Applications(第4版)].(MATLAB:An.Introduction.with.Applications).Amos.Gilat.文字版.pdf 9.45 MB
9.45 MB
中文名: MATLAB:An.Introduction.with.Applications(第4版)
原名: MATLAB:An.Introduction.with.Applications
作者: Amos.Gilat
图书分类: 软件
资源格式: PDF
版本: 文字版
出版社: Wiley
书号: 9780470108772
发行时间: 2008年01月
地区: 美国
极速分分彩: 英文


1. Starting with MATLAB
2. Creating Arrays
3. Mathematical Operations with Arrays
4. Script Files
5. Two Dimensional Plots
6. Functions and Function Files
7. Programming in MATLAB
8. Polynomials, Curve Fitting, A Interpolation
9. Three Dimensional Plots
10. Applications in Numerical Analysis
11. Symbolic Math

Master MATLAB®!If you want a clear, easy-to-use introduction to MATLAB®, this book is for you! The Third Edition of Amos Gilat's popular MATLAB®, An Introduction with Applications requires no previous knowledge of MATLAB and computer programming as it helps you understand and apply this incredibly useful and powerful mathematical tool.Thoroughly updated to match MATLAB®'s newest release, MATLAB® 7.3 (R2007b), the text takes you step by step through MATLAB®'s basic features--from simple arithmetic operations with scalars, to creating and using arrays, to three-dimensional plots and solving differential equations. You'll appreciate the many features that make it easy to grasp the material and become proficient in using MATLAB®, including:* Sample and homework problems that help you hands-on practice solving the kinds of problems you'll encounter in future science and engineering courses* New coverage of the Workspace Window and the save and load commands, Anonymous Functions, Function Functions, Function Handles, Subfunctions and Nested Functions* In-depth discussions of script files, 2-D and 3-D plotting, function files, programming (flow control), polynomials, curve fitting, interpolation, and applications in numerical analysisBy showing you not just how MATLAB® works but how to use it with real-world applications in mathematics, science, and engineering, MATLAB®, An Introduction with Applications, Third Edition will turn you into a MATLAB® master faster than you imagined.
Amos Gilat, Ph.D., is a Mechanical Engineering Professor at the Ohio State University. Dr. Gilat's research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, NASA, FAA, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and various industries.

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